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Beauty begins from the inside out, not the other way around. With the current world we live in, we can feel like everything is out to get us, from the bills to mortgages, job insecurity, name it. It’s a vicious cycle of one predicament to the next. Nonetheless, we may not control these events in our lives. Still, we can decide not to be reduced by them, bearing in mind that you can never live a positive life with a negative mind. Despite the challenges, you can either merely survive or live your best life and thrive through the hardships.

live your best life

Live your best life


I’m a simple life enthusiast. But I wasn’t born one. Instead, my life used to be chaotic, filled with negative energy and endless grumbling – believe me, I was always whining about something. I was the kind of person that saw the cup half-empty. Never impressed or rejuvenated by anything, and to say my life was exhausting is underrated.

However, as soon as I decided to shift my energy, I could feel the calmness begin to settle in, and the burden lift. I decided to work on my attitude. I actively sought positive things in life. Whenever I was on the verge of losing my cool, I would remind myself to look at the brighter side of the situation. And guess what! Life got simpler and better – and quieter, might I add. I changed my attitude for the better, and my life took a huge turn.

Where is beauty?


If I may quote a renowned pop artist, Andy Warhol,

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


From my experience, this statement is 100% true. Beauty is sprinkled everywhere. All you’ve got to do is look for it.

Here’s an example; My dog, Bruno, and I go for a swim in a little secluded beach in a park. Now the first time we came across this park, it was far from attractive. There was an abattoir on one side, and more prickles than grass underfoot, the mosquitoes were ferocious, and to top it off, it was right under a flight path. I mean, what else could go wrong? Even so, we drove deeper into the park despite the myriad of disappointments looking for a single reason to stay. It was then that we discovered a little beautiful secluded beach that is so serene and a perfect place for Bruno to swim while I enjoyed the sunset.



Your best life

That is what a beautiful mindset and positive living do.


They make you look deeper. Before we could hardly take in the sight of the park, now we can’t get enough of its beach. We’re there all the time.

How you live is up to you.


I’m a girl on a mission to enjoy everything life has to offer. Look around you. If you fall short of seeing the beauty that surrounds you, then make your own. Paint, sing, enjoy delicious food, write poetry. Whatever you deem beautiful, do it.