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Sunday Routine

The 3 Parts To My Sunday Routine

This whole process takes me no more than an hour. You have more important things to do on a Sunday than spend half the day planning for your business. More important things like enjoying time with your family, practising self-care and generally being chill.

Part 1. My Main Focus

I start with a blank piece of paper, and at the top, I write the most significant thing I need to focus on for that week. It might be that my email list needs attention, or my social media strategy needs work or even my taxes.

Once I’ve determined my main focus, I list all the tasks I need to complete to reach my objective. Then I schedule each task into my to-do lists. I spread them out over the week so while I’m not feeling overwhelmed I’m still staying on top of what needs achieving.

Part 2. My Intention

It is my wholehearted belief that the more you work on your personal growth, the more your business will grow. So every Sunday, I take time to set an intention around the type of person I want to be throughout my week. I see this as setting a standard for myself to rise too. When things get tough, and I need to rise to a challenge, it’s easier to do so because I’ve already laid out how I’m going to behave and who I want to be.

Part 3. My Downtime

If you’re serious about living a simpler life and creating a business that allows you to earn a good income without burning yourself out, then you need to take good care of yourself. So part of your Sunday routine should be to list how you will practice self-care during the week.

For me, I always schedule in time for yoga and meditation and a morning walk along the river. These things are non-negotiables and go into my schedule and are shown the same importance as a business meeting.

Not only will scheduling your downtime stop you from burning out, but it will also keep your creativity flowing and your passion for your business burning.

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Sunday Routine For the Win

If you’re a regular around here then you know I’m always finding new ways to simplify my life and my business. My Sunday routine does both; it simplifies my life by reducing the amount of time I spend doing unimportant things in my business, which means more time to enjoy my life. By defining the tasks that are most important before I start my working week, I remain focused on the things that will move my business forward, grow it and make more money.

I recommend you start with these three parts of a Sunday routine, but then define your process as you go. Remember, it’s not about adding yet another drain on your time; it’s about creating efficiency. Keep your routine to 1-hour maximum and use it as a tool to simplify your life and business.