Why do I meditate? Not because I’m into finding zen or because I want to attain alignment. I meditate because I want to be a better person.

Finding zen

Finding Zen Or Being Rational?


I meditate because I’m often quick to anger, and the person who suffers the most from my outbursts is me. My inability to control my emotions has, at times, left me speechless and unable to function as a rational adult. Meditation helps me detach from my feelings long enough to see the other side of every argument. Which, in turn, allows me to maintain healthy relationships.

Creativity And Finding My Flow State

Daily meditation practice is essential to me because it aids my creativity. I meditate because I have hundreds of ideas, and that can be overwhelming. Which idea do I pursue? Do I have time to do all the things and turn all of my ideas into reality? These thoughts fly around my mind, and when I meditate, I dissociate from the overwhelm and experience sweet clarity. I meditate because it helps me to be clear on which ideas to pursue and keeps me closer to my flow state.

Introvert Zen

As an introvert, I crave connection to my fellow humans, but I also need to manage my energy. I choose to meditate because it gives me a feeling of connection to all beings. And it furnishes me with a deep well of energy which means I can happily connect with people for longer.

And I meditate because it keeps me positive, and right now, everyone needs positivity. When I meditate, I quickly shift from anxiety and fear to hope and joy. The daily grind of sad news threatens to overwhelm us all, so I meditate to be a light to the people I love.


Why do I meditate?

I meditate because I want to be a better person. And maybe that’s another way of finding zen.