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The Truth About Building Self-Worth


Episode 2, 2020.

In this episode of The Simple Life Podcast, I’m talking about building self-worth apart from our possessions.

I’m sharing on how our possessions can tell a story of our worth to ourselves and others and how we can let go of our attachment to “things” and begin building our self worth with honesty and authenticity.

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Welcome to the simple life podcast. I’m your host Cindy John’s and I am all about keeping things simple in life and in business.

 In today’s episode. I would like to talk to you about things that tell stories of our worth.

[00:00:33] So there’s no doubt in our modern society that we place a lot of emphasis on things on possessions and there are things that tell stories of our worth. So our society tells us that some things are worth more than others and we tend to focus our own self-worth on the quantity and quality of things that we have. 

So a pair of worn-out cloth shoes tells a story about our worth our self-worth to ourselves and to others and a Louis Vuitton handbag also tells a story of our worth to ourselves and others. 

Now you could argue that a pair of cloth shoes are a lot more functional than a Louis Vuitton handbag, and I would agree with you. But in my opinion, the difference is yes, there is more functional value in a pair of cloth shoes. But a Louis Vuitton handbag is a thing of absolute beauty. It doesn’t take much effort to create a pair of cloth shoes. In fact, there are probably many factories in China just churning them out, and you can buy them for like five or ten dollars. Whereas a Louis Vuitton handbag. A lot of care has gone into the design and manufacture of it. It is a thing of beauty and if you care for it properly it will last forever whereas, you know, with a pair of cloth shoes, the actual point of them is to wear them out.


We humans love and crave Beauty.

We were designed to want to create and to partake in Beauty. So there’s nothing wrong in my opinion to want a beautifully designed and well made Louis Vuitton handbag. Wouldn’t you choose the quality item over the mass-produced one every time But I think the danger lies in defining our self-worth in things.

There is nothing wrong with the thing itself, or with even wanting that thing. The problem lies in wanting the thing as a definition of our self-worth. So if we approach the Louis Vuitton handbag with:

“I am somebody, therefore, I want this Louis Vuitton handbag to prove it”

as opposed to:

“This Louis Vuitton handbag is so beautiful. I can afford it. I’m going to buy it.”

Do you see the difference there?

It’s not the thing itself that is expressing your self-worth.


If we’re honest about wanting to live a simple life, we need to stop building self-worth with the things we accumulate

A Story About Not Building Self- Worth With Things

So here’s a case in point from when I lived in Tasmania. I used to frequent the local Op shops a lot. Op shops in Tasmania are legendary. You never know what treasure you will unearth. So on this particular day, my husband and I were wandering through a salvos store and I came across a Louis Vuitton handbag. 

I nearly fell on the floor! I couldn’t really believe that it was real, so I took a photo of the outside and the inside because you know, the inside is as important as the outside apparently, and I sent it to my girlfriend in Brisbane who collects vintage designer bags. [00:04:20] She came back with oh my goodness. That looks pretty real to me. 

So when she says yeah, that looks real- hubby and I take the bag to the counter and I am I have to admit I’m like almost fainting with every step thinking I have just found a vintage Louis Vuitton handbag for $12 in an OP shop! 

The lovely man at the counter, he looks at the bag and he points out that there’s a tear in the lining and if we still want it, he’ll give it to us at a discounted price. Now at this point, I almost did pass out. So I now have an eight dollar vintage Louis Vuitton bag in my cupboard which to me is like epic but to that man, that bag was just a thing. It said nothing about who I was and because it was a bit damaged, he thought it really wasn’t worth anything. 

So I love that bag because of that story. 

I was shopping in an Op shop because I didn’t have a lot of money and I found a Louis Vuitton handbag that was donated by someone who didn’t place too much importance on a thing.

When I use that bag other people may give me some sort of status because of it or cast some kind of judgments on who I am or what I earn but it doesn’t define my self-worth. It’s something beautiful that I found in an op shop. I could drop it off in a collection bin next week and I’d still be the same person. The Louis Vuitton bag is a beautiful thing with a beautiful story. But it doesn’t define my self-worth at all. 

If we’re honest about wanting to live a simple life, we need to stop building self-worth with the things we accumulate

Instead, we could create our own beauty. Like creating home environments that were calm and uncluttered and safe places for us to live and breathe and be ourselves or do work that allowed us to express who we were and not forever chasing down more income and more money.

Actually doing work that expressed who we were and that was a thing of beauty. If we’re not so focused on things to build self-worth, then we’re not so focused on having to work and strive all the time so we can fill our homes with stuff.

Our sense of self-worth should come from the things that we do the way we honour ourselves and others. From who we are as human beings, not all the beautiful stuff we accumulate. Self-worth is an internal struggle not external. It comes from listening to and working on yourself. And the more you work on yourself the more beauty you create inside which then pours out of you and you begin to create your own external beauty and from there you begin to attract more beauty to you.

Look all of that stuff you have is actually stopping you from living in real Beauty. It’s just stuff. It doesn’t define you.

So have a little think on that for a while. Are you using things to build your self-worth?

I’ll leave you there today. Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk with you again soon.

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