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The Best Daily Routine To Thrive Right Now


The best daily routine is the one that works to keep you emotionally and physically healthy. I thank my daily routine for keeping me productive during this crazy time of social distancing, self-isolation and fear. 

I’ve always been a lover of routines, and I’m one of those people who love lists. As I’ve grown older, and perhaps wiser, I’ve noticed that I have routines that I fall into when things get tough or when I’m in a life situation where I have no idea of how to cope. These routines are not usually that healthy and involve hours of mindless television, overconsumption of salty snacks and too many extended periods of unproductive overthinking.

Right now, we are in one of the most uncertain periods of our collective lives. I’ve noticed that people the world over are falling into harmful routines of too much TV and lousy food. I watched on the news a few days ago a story about Netflix reducing its quality so as not to overburden the data networks in Europe as people tuned in en masse during the quarantine.

Beware The Mushy Brain

Think about the aftermath of that for a moment. I don’t know what your government is telling you in your country, but here in Australia our Prime Minister is warning us that whatever measures are put in place to contain the virus now will most likely be in place for at least six months.

Six months!

Think about what six months of mindless TV is going to do your mental health. Think about what six months of eating crisps on the couch are going to do to your physical health. Do you want to come out of quarantine in 6 months with nothing to show for it but a mushy brain and a body to match?

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of TV binge watching

I’m not suggesting that it will be easy to keep yourself mentally and physically well while in quarantine, it won’t be. And I’m not suggesting that you don’t take time to binge-watch a bit of TV. Or comfort eat a little more than usual. All of these things are valid ways to cope with an ever-changing situation. What I am suggesting is that we find the best daily routine to allow ourselves to thrive despite the craziness that surrounds us. I’m suggesting that this is the time to reflect on what we want from our life, post coronavirus, then put in routines so that when it’s time to go outside again, we will be in the best possible position to rebuild.

The best daily routine for me looks like this:

6 am – Wake up, make a pot of coffee.

6:15 am – Open my journal and practice morning pages. Essentially writing whatever comes to mind without censoring myself or worrying if it makes sense. This practice allows me to work through any deep-seated fears my subconscious is processing. You can read more about this practice here.

Write down at least three things I’m grateful for

7 am – Write a blog post, podcast script or work on my book

8 am – shower, put on makeup and dress as if I’m going out. It would be more relaxed and a lot more comfortable to just wear my lululemon every day. Still, I find getting dressed helps me get into a success mindset. On the days when I allow myself to mooch around in yoga pants or pyjamas, I tend to find myself sitting on the couch with potato chips more easily.

8:45 am – tapping for success with Brad Yates, affirmations and breathwork.

9 am– healthy breakfast. And because I have the time now, I try to make a fun breakfast like buckwheat pancakes with fruit or avocado and pea mash. One of the things I used to complain about the most was never having enough time in the morning to make proper breakfasts. I have the time now, and I’m taking full advantage of it.

10 am – work on creating content for my online business, social media marketing etc

Noon – yoga and meditation

1 pm – lunch and take the dog for a walk

2 pm – time to do whatever I want. Including Netflix and chill if that’s what I feel I need. Or reading, listening to podcasts or music.

3 pm – more content creation or research and writing for my book

5 pm – dinner prep, dog walking and family time.

You can see that it’s not a hardcore routine, but it’s the best daily routine for me. It keeps me motivated and best of all, productively occupied. I am a chronic over-thinker; I find the best way to avoid slipping into an endless thought loop is to keep myself focussed on things that will move me forward.

Now is not the time to lose your minds.

You know the disaster movies that we love to watch? The movies like The day after tomorrow or 2012? They always focus on surviving whatever disaster is unfolding on planet earth, but they never talk about how to deal with what comes after. The truth is, we will survive this coronavirus. Yes, our world will be very different. I’m hoping we will learn lessons and begin to live in a way that is more in tune with nature and with our selves.

What you choose to do now, while the story unfolds, will have a direct impact on how you cope with the aftermath.

If you wish to numb yourself with TV that is, of course, your choice. But if you choose now to still show up as your best self, to work on the things that are important to you. To continue or perhaps begin to work on your self-development, you will be in a position to influence the way the world responds after the crisis.

So go ahead and create the best daily routine for you so that you can thrive right now. This will pass, so go ahead and back yourself. 

I am standing with you as we navigate these uncertain times.
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