When my husband and I moved to our inner-city apartment, we knew we wanted to create an authentic home. The city we live in is cheekily nicknamed “Bris-Vegas”, and it lives up to its name. Brisbane is all about the glitz, the glamour and sliding along the surface of things. But our aesthetic is more natural beauty than mass-produced plastic luxury, and we decided to stay true to ourselves and design a home that is authentic to us.

authentic home

Create a calm entrance to your sanctuary


I believe our homes are our sanctuary. Home is the place where you are yourself. It’s where you rest, relax and let go of the world. I wanted to create a sanctuary vibe from the moment I approached my front door, so that’s where I started.

An Authentic Home Starts At The Front Door


Starting your home design at the front door is like setting an intention for what you want to happen inside your home.

Imagine that your front door is dirty. There are shoes thrown everywhere, cobwebs in the corner, and the whole thing looks neglected. As you approach your door, your mood will reflect what you see. You will walk into your home, bringing that vibe of neglect with you.

But if your front door is clean, the shoes are neatly lined up, it’s clear of cobwebs, and there’s a healthy plant at the door, suddenly you’re happy to be walking in the door. And you bring that happiness into your home with you.

It’s so much easier to leave the worries of the world behind when you’re welcomed home with a clean and cheery front door.

Here’s what I did to create a welcoming entrance


  • I bought a big basket to keep all of our shoes hidden away. Baskets add a touch of natural style to any space. Please be sure to choose one made from natural and sustainable fibres that have been made by people fairly compensated for their work.
  • I added a plant for a touch of freshness and greenery. This will also serve to keep me accountable and make sure I regularly attend to the space. While I’m watering my plant, I will also dust, sweep and keep the area free from cobwebs and bugs.
  • I’ve also decided to make a seasonal wreath, to add an authentic home-made touch.

Check out the video I made for inspiration:

What Would You Have At The Entrance To Your Authentic Home?


How could you make your front door more welcoming? It doesn’t have to be an expensive project – have a look at what you already have at home that you could use to brighten up the entrance to your sanctuary.

Once you’ve created your won welcoming entrance, snap a picture and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #doortomysanctuary. I check the tag regularly, and I’d love to engage with you.