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We all want to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Sometimes, in the search for more happiness, we overcomplicate things and end up feeling more frustrated and sadder than when we began. In this post, I’m going to share 4 simple ways to be happier every day.

simple ways to be happier

Simple Ways To Be Happier Everyday


Nature And Happiness

My first simple way to be happier is to bring nature into your home. A lot of the anxiety and tension we feel in life is because we’re not spending enough time in nature. Most of us, myself included, live in big cities. We live in epic, concrete jungles where there’s not a lot of greenery or nature to be found. And our souls, our hearts, our very beings, thrive in nature. Every expert says that being in nature is good for our mental wellbeing. But what can you do when you live in the middle of a city where there’s not a lot of nature to experience?

You bring nature into your home.

Ways to bring nature into your home include:

  • Nurture small indoor plants
  • Grow an edible garden on your balcony or courtyard.
  • Collect air plants. These are super cool because they need no soil to survive. Just spray them with water every few weeks, and you are good to go.
  • Create a terrarium

Move Every Day.

Now, another simple way to be happier is to make sure that you move your body every day.

Why? First of all, physical movement gets rid of stagnant energy. So if you’re just sitting around feeling miserable, you will hold it all of that bad energy in your body. But if you move your body regularly, you will let that negative stagnant energy go.

And if you decide to do something sweaty, that elevates your heart rate, you’ll also be releasing serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone that gives you an instant hit of happiness. Alternatively, you can practice yoga, stretching, or just go for a walk. Whatever you choose, do something every day for maximum happiness building.

Get Your Creativity Flowing

My next tip to make your life happier is to make things with your own hands. The more that you allow your creativity to flow and make your own things, the more satisfied you feel. We’re all creative beings, and it’s good for our souls to create.

Look through art books or head online and find some projects to try. Every time you look around your house, and you see things that you have made, you will be happier and more at home within your environment.

The Simplest Way To Be Happy

The simplest way I’ve found to be happier is to do things for the sheer fun of it. We are so focused on being productive, on making sure that we take advantage of every single moment and make the most of life. But we forget that part of being happy, part of living a satisfying and meaningful life is to just simply enjoy ourselves. Just do something for the sheer pleasure of it. Don’t measure everything in how much it’s going to add to your life and how much more productive is going to make you, or how much you’re going to learn from it, just do it because you enjoy it.

Your Turn

Take these 4 simple ways to be happier and work them into your everyday life. Life is short, my friend, enjoy every moment of it.