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Cindy Johns

Hi, I’m Cindy.


For many years I struggled with the feelings of not being enough or doing enough to deserve success. I subscribed to the view that in order to win at life you needed to hustle, and that to be successful you needed “all the things.” What this belief system led to was a life devoid of joy, no time for human connections or creativity and eventually – burnout.

Thankfully, I’ve learnt how to simplify things – and I’ve removed the word “hustle” from my vocab! As a result, I now live a life filled with creativity, real human connection and joy. And finally – I feel like I am enough.

These days my favourite mantra is “I allow it to be easy.” I live my life by that mantra and because I do, my business is thriving, but I still have time to enjoy the small moments in life that bring the most meaning.

If you too would like to let go of the grind and that feeling of not being or doing enough, then you’re welcome here. This is the place to discover how to live your best life without experiencing overwhelm or burn out. I’ve filled the pages of this site full of resources to help you simplify your life and business so you can “have it all” without losing your mind.

If it’s advice on how to simplify your business that you need, start here but if you’re looking for ways to live a simpler, healthier, more joyous and fulfilling life then start here.

And if you need help with all of it, why not join our community and receive a fortnightly dose of targeted and exculsive advice on how to simplify your business and your life directly to your inbox? 

I look forward to helping you create a new way of doing things – the simple way. And I hope that you too will begin to live by my favourite mantra:

I Allow It To Be Easy


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