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Simplify Your Life

Kevala is a monthly digital magazine created by simple living enthusiasts. Creatively forging their own path to a life that is more joyful, more connected and above all -simple.

Each month we share our own stories of simplifying. So you can create your simpler, more satisfying life.

Hear from award winning writers, spiritual teachers, world travelers and artists. All dedicated to enjoying the simpler things in life.

Learn strategies to help you de-stress and be calm from trained experts.

Begin a journey towards living a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Take some time to discover your purpose and begin to truly live.

Our Contributors

Kylie Frost

Brisbane, Australia

Kylie Frost has been writing about all things wellbeing for 10 years and draws on personal experience to connect with her audience and support readers in their journey. Through her yoga and motherhood journeys, Kylie has learned the power of pause and the importance of living from the heart. When she has a moment to herself, you'll find Kylie out in nature, indulging in Yoga Nidra or sipping from her favourite coffee cup. ⁠

Gina Lucia

London, UK

Gina Lucia is an award-winning Content Writer and simplicity enthusiast living in the UK. Through her website Limit Breaker, Gina empowers introverted business owners across the world to work smarter to create businesses that give them more time, not less.⁠

Kevala Magazine Contributor

Averill Lawler

Tasmania, Australia

Averill Lawler is a contemporary Tasmanian visual artist who lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania. Her current body of work is a series of oil paintings that are observations of the power, fragility and changing nature of Tasmania’s wild seas. She lives in an old cottage on the outskirts of Hobart with her family, a renovators delight with a rambling garden.⁠

Rachel Rosenberg

Rocky Mountains, Canada

The last 10 years of Rachel's life have been dedicated to an abundance of travel and 'self' discovery. Her adventures have taken her to the UK, Europe, Nepal and now Canada in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Despite having the most amazing experiences and meeting the most beautiful people, Rachel has felt herself coming back to the realisation that it is the 'simple' things in life that bring her the most joy - a coffee enjoyed slowly in the morning, freshly baked bread made by her partner, setting aside time to meditate or practice yoga. She feels the most alive and connected with herself when she's in nature; breathing the fresh air, feeling the blood pump through her body and literally being in touch with the plants, rocks and animals.

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You want to live authentically and wholeheartedly.

You want to enjoy more of the good life


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