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How To Simplify Your Life. Step 1


Episode 1, 2020.

In this episode of The Simple Life Podcast I’m sharing the first step to take when you want to simplify your life.


Welcome to the simple life podcast. I’m your host Cindy John’s and I am all about keeping things simple in life and in business.

So previously this podcast was called the introverted entrepreneur podcast and at the end of last year. I just felt no inspiration for that subject any longer I kind of I just wasn’t interested basically and I was finding it really difficult to keep creating content for the podcast.
So I took a little break and I gave myself some time to think over the end of the year and I thought you know, really the one thing that introverts want is a simpler life and I think actually it’s something that everybody wants and I felt that I could be more of service if I spoke more about strategies for a simpl, quieter life. An easier life with less hype.
Then along came coronavirus. So I’d already created the visuals for a simple Life podcast. I had a few ideas written down. I’d written a few scripts for things that I’d like to talk about and then 2020 hit bringing this craziness of coronavirus with it. And so it put everything on hold with the podcast but as well as that it it just made me realize that we really do need to go back to a simple life. This virus is forcing us all to look more at what’s important in life. To look at what we actually need to build a good life and it’s sort of eliminating a lot of those distractions that were really commonplace pre-Coronavirus.
So here I am with the Simple Life podcast.

So for our very first podcast episode I thought I’d talk about the first step to simplify your life.

I think we’re in a really good position the world over right now to start the process.
I believe the first step to simplify your life is to define what you want in your life. What does a simpler life look like to you? Now your version of a simple life is probably entirely different from what my version of a simple life is.
If you follow the minimalists online, then you know that their version of a simple life means pretty much owning next to nothing. I just recently watched a documentary on Netflix that featured them and both of them pretty much just own the very bare essentials of what they need. One of the guys was was showing us a tour of his house and he had like a chair and a table and a bed and not a lot of external stuff. Not a lot of decorations and that’s his version of a simple life, but then we can go to Marie Kondo and she doesn’t actually tell us less is more, she tells us how to store and tidy things so that we can have whatever we want in our life, but it doesn’t feel cluttered. That’s her version of a simple life. Now. I kind of fall somewhere in between
I have fewer things and I always go for better quality things so that I don’t have to keep replacing things. My wardrobe is full of beautiful clothes. I have quite a few pairs of shoes, more than I really need but they’re all good quality. So I’m not always buying every season buying fashionable things. I don’t really subscribe to Fashion my idea of a simple life is having all the things that I like but having good quality things and making sure that everything is functional and something that I can use more than once and for years and years to come.

So that’s the first step. Asking yourself, What does a simple life look like to you?

It’s not about the stuff

Does it go as far as only having the very basics that you need to live in your house or do you like lots of stuff but you keep everything neat and tidy. What do you need to have a simple life and I like to think of it like this. I like to think of a simple life as a life that brings you joy and satisfaction.
So to me, every decision that I make when I am simplifying my life or when I am buying something for my home or my wardrobe. I always ask myself. Does this bring me joy, will this make my life better for being in it, or is it just something that will just sit there and serve no real purpose and then I’ll get rid of it eventually anyway.

What brings you joy?

So grab a piece of paper and ask yourself. What brings you Joy? What parts of your life bring you Joy? What do you need to be joyful in your life. And then from there find what a simple life means to you. Because if you think about the way we used to live our life pre coronavirus. We were distracted. Our life was full of stuff that really served no purpose and that really didn’t bring us joy, you know, we would talk about never having any time. But the things that we did have time for were like scrolling Instagram and checking social media. All of those things that caused more harm than good, If we’re honest. They caused more anxiety. They separated us from the people around us. They damaged our relationships. They’ve certainly damaged our abilities to focus and concentrate on our work.
So while we were addicted to them, they didn’t bring us any Joy. They sucked our time. So take some time now to think about what really brings you Joy in your life. And if those things don’t really bring you Joy, like honestly what Joy does Instagram really bring you  – then maybe get rid of it or limit the amount of time that you spend on Instagram and replace it with something that does bring you Joy.

Simplify Your Life For More Joy

Take a look around your house at the moment. I mean, you’re probably spending a lot of time there so you can’t escape what your home environment looks like.
Are there things in your home that are just there because they’ve always been there but they serve no purpose? They bring you no joy, they don’t enhance your life in any way and they perhaps are just getting in the way of you living a more simple more joyous life.
Maybe get a box and put those things into the box and just see just see if it simplifies your life in any way. If not having that stuff just sitting there actually makes you feel a little less cluttered that a little more joyful. Maybe getting rid of that stuff will even help you to discover other things that you own that do bring you Joy that you’ve neglected or just forgotten about because of all the stuff around you and then maybe you can pick up something that you used to really love doing. 
So that’s the first step to simplify your life. To just look at what brings you joy and in that way you can define what a simple life actually means to you. 

A Simple Life Means More Time For Community

So I’m going to leave you with that. But I am going to say one other thing before I go. I don’t want this podcast to simply be me talking at you. I’m all about community. And right now we have the power through the online world to create communities everywhere. It’s a really exciting time. I’m finding myself  having conversations via  Instagram video and Via messenger with friends that live in Germany and in Switzerland and everywhere around the world. Because I was caught up in my pre coronavirus life, I always felt like I never had time to speak with them. So I actually feel like I have more Community now.

An Invitation To Engage

Now seeing as we are more stuck at home, I’d really like to invite you to engage with me through this podcast.
I’ve been reading this really good book from George Kao. It’s called the principles of authentic business and he’s got this great quote in chapter 4 –  instead of being the sage on the stage. I am to be a guide on the side. That just really spoke to me. That is what I’d like to be through this podcast and my blog, a guide on the side.
I still have so much to learn about living a simple life about being authentic in business and in life and also in navigating the way forward through this coronavirus pandemic. So I invite you to leave a comment if there’s something that you would like to speak about or if something sparked a question for you in any of my episodes, please just leave a comment and let’s start a dialogue. I’d love to open this podcast up and make it a real conversation about creating a simple life for our new world after this pandemic is over.
It’s been so wonderful to speak with you, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.
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