How easy is it to overcomplicate things? I am a chronic over-thinker, and as a result, I have had a tendency to overcomplicate even the simplest of tasks. That is until my mindset coach gave me this mantra:


I Allow It To Be Easy


That one simple statement has revolutionised the way I approach my life and my business. Let me explain:

Simplifying is a mindset.

Everything that we create in our lives is based on the mindset we hold. If you have a growth mindset, then you will experience growth. When your mindset is open towards learning and accepting new things, then you will have new knowledge – and guess what – more growth.

However, if you hold a closed “my way is the only way” mindset, you will have a stifled life. And if your mindset leans toward “life is hard” then your life will be hard.

I confess that for many years my mindset was that life was hard, and to be successful at anything you had to hustle and strive. Unfortunately, my mindset resulted in a debilitating case of burnout that took me a long year to recover from. Still, I look back on my year recovering from burnout as a positive time, because it was then that I learnt that life didn’t have to be so hard. It was during this time that I began to simplify my life and work toward changing my mindset.

How To Not Overcomplicate your life

How To Not Overcomplicate Your Life


Letting Go Of The Need To Hustle

The first thing I learnt was to let go of the need to strive and hustle. Our modern world reinforces the commonly held belief that working hard is the only way to get what you want in life. There is some truth in this belief, nothing comes without hard work, but we live in a society that has taken this simple truth into overdrive.

Is it really true that to have a successful blog, you need to post every day? My experience says no.

Does it take twice daily gym workouts to have a fit and healthy body? Absolutely not!

Do you have to post to your social media 3-4 times a day to have an engaged following? Nope!

While working hard to achieve your dreams is necessary, I don’t believe working hard means working every minute of every day. Or pushing yourself to exhaustion or burnout.

So what does working hard mean?

To me, it means giving the best of yourself to every task.

Something that I’ve learnt is that it is near impossible to give your best if you’re too busy hustling.

How To Give Your Best

To give your best in every situation, you need to be well-rested, happy and full of energy. And that only comes from living a balanced life that isn’t over-complicated with too many things to do and too many hats to wear. In short, the simpler your life, the more you can perform at your best.

So let’s talk about how you can let go of the need to hustle and overcomplicate everything.

Allow It To Be Easy

Let’s go back to my life-changing mantra. When my mindset coach gave me my mantra, it felt like a million bells went off in my head! Yes, I was making everything harder than it needed to be. And I was letting my knack for overcomplicating everything stop me from doing the things I knew I had to do.

For example:

I wanted to start a youtube channel, but my “life is hard” mindset had me believing that I needed expensive lighting and a fancy camera before I could begin. If I allowed it to be easy, I would sit by a window and use my iPhone. It really is that easy to start making videos for YouTube.

So I wrote that mantra on a yellow sticky note and stuck it to my computer where it reminds me every day that life doesn’t have to be hard.

Eventually, I created a printable, and now I have that mantra in a frame, hanging on my home office wall. It’s positioned in a way that I can see it from almost every living space in my apartment. It serves as a constant reminder to not overcomplicate my life. I’ve recently added that printable to my store for you to use too. You can grab it here.

Create A Plan

Whatever you’re wanting to achieve, make a plan that will allow you to achieve it without burning yourself out.

Your plan would include:

  • Easy steps to help you reach your goal
  • Time to unwind and relax, so you have the energy to give when you need it most
  • Systems and procedures to streamline the process and help you achieve your goal with ease

Practice Self-Care

You have no idea how much I dislike using the term self-care, it’s almost a modern-day catch cry. However, if we don’t take time to take care of ourselves, we will fall into the trap of overcomplicating and overdoing everything. And then we fall into a dangerous cycle, of hustling to get things done and achieve at all costs, followed by tiredness, stress and feelings of not being good enough. Which leads to more hustling to compensate for how we feel about ourselves, and on and on it goes.

Instead, give yourself time to relax and participate in things that bring you joy and offer a sense of wellness. Taking care of yourself will allow you to perform at your best when you need to.

Another benefit of ensuring proper time for self-care is the ability to detach from your work and allow time for inner reflection. It’s during these times of internal reflection that you can see where you are overcomplicating things or how you can reach your goals sustainably and simply.

Decide Today and Be Free Of The Need To Overcomplicate

Decide today that you are going to let things be easy and uncomplicated. Begin to change your mindset towards life and watch your life go from hard to easy. It worked for me, a chronic over-thinker. My life is now full of joy and ease, and my business is a pleasure to run. If it worked for me, it will for you too, just put these 3 points into action and watch everything get easier.