How To Have Fun in Life, Even Though You’re All Grown Up.


Let’s face it, at some point in all our lives, we forget how to have child-like fun. Instead, we face life as a series of responsibilities, tasks and commitments.  But life doesn’t have to be oh so serious. As adults, we can and should find ways to rekindle the pure joy we experienced as kids.  So in this article, I’m going to take you through my journey to bringing fun into my life and share some techniques for how you can have fun in life too.


how to have more fun in life

How To Have Fun In Life.


Why adults need more fun in their lives


Culturally, we frown upon fun for adults. Even our fun hobbies have been turned into side-hustles and ways to make money. Fun is considered unproductive and pointless in our modern world. In fact, can you remember the last time you had fun?

The only type of fun or play we really consider acceptable is competitive play. Sport is a great example of this.

Here’s the thing, play and fun are just as important for kids, as they are for adults. Play is incredibly beneficial for problem solving, creativity and relationship building. 

I know as well as you do, that when you have time for play, you feel your best. Think about the last time you played, how did you feel while you were doing it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to include that feeling more in your life?


What happened when I tried to find fun


My pursuit of fun started when I realised how serious life had gotten. Every single thing I was doing within my spare time had resulted in boredom and monotony. Don’t get me wrong, the things I was doing were enjoyable, but fun and enjoyable are not the same.

Fun melts time away, it helps you forget the daily grind, it refreshes and revitalises you. But perhaps most importantly, fun helps you remember who you truly are.

So in my search to include more fun in my life, I did what any confused person would do – I consulted Google.

After trying many searches including ‘how to find kid-like fun as an adult’, I came up blank. All the articles I found were either for children or included things that weren’t really fun.

Here’s something we need to outline, real fun has no goal other than to be in the moment and enjoy yourself. Fun doesn’t mean accomplishing something or setting a goal and completing it – that’s way too adult. 

This process helped me realise something though. There’s no use asking other people how to have fun, because fun is unique to you. 


How to have fun in your life


The next stage in my fun-seeking journey lead me to experiment and try out a few things. One such thing was taking myself back to childhood. After all, it was at this stage in my life that I had the most fun. 

So if this was the case for you, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What did you find the most fun as a child?
  2. Is there a real reason you don’t do it now?
  3. Can you try bringing it back into your life?
  4. Is there anything you always wanted to try as a kid but never did?

The real reason you don’t do it now

As children, we’re given a pass. Anything we want to do or try (within reason) is A-OK. As adults, it’s a different story.

Want to finger paint and create a mural on the wall? Frowned upon. Want to jump in a puddle, paddle in a stream or jump on a swing? That’s just childish. 

But why?

Here’s the thing, as adults we may be subject to peer pressure, responsibility and certain stereotypes. But we’re also more in charge of our decisions and autonomy.

Since when did we go from being controlled by our guardians to being controlled by society?

So here’s me saying that if you want to jump in that puddle, do it. If you want to get back to climbing trees (as long as you don’t hurt them), do it. Buy that icecream. Make that sandcastle. Build that fort.


Bring fun back into your life

In my pursuit of fun, I found some things I used to do as a child/teenager:

  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Playing video games

I wanted to give them all another try because they brought me the most joy. What I learned was interesting. 

Drawing didn’t bring me the same joy it used to. Instead of creating creatures and characters for fantasy worlds, I found myself needing a purpose for drawing. Essentially, my adult brain started to take over and suck the fun out of drawing.

Reading was a similar experience. I used to enjoy reading fantasy and dystopian fiction, but my adult brain had been trained out of enjoying it. I’d spent too many years reading personal development and non-fiction books to really get my joy back.

The last on the list hit the spot. Playing video games had always been fun, but along the way I stopped because “it wasn’t productive”, “it was distracting” and I didn’t see the point – my own words. 

How sad. I’d removed fun from my life and replaced it with work.

It’s time to start experimenting with the things that used to bring you joy. Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t worry if it doesn’t work like it used to, just try.


Try something new

Fun doesn’t just have to come from your past. I for one knew that just playing games again wasn’t going to give me much variety. So I tried something I always wanted to give a go but was too embarrassed to try. Hula hooping.

Not only was this form of play, fun, but it was good exercise too. Something I’ve always struggled to find enjoyment in.

The only thing I had to remember though, this was meant to be fun. As soon as I start learning hula hooping techniques and turning it into a chore, it stops being fun.

So what have you always wanted to try but were too embarrassed to do? 

If you need it, here’s my permission to sing karaoke, learn some silly dance moves, do an Easter Egg Hunt or go strawberry picking.

Life’s too short to not have fun

Your adult life deserves to be fun. Don’t forgo it just because society, your friends and family tell you it isn’t right. You’re in charge of you and your one life – you get to create the rules.

So get out there and inject some more fun into your life – you deserve it.

What fun things do you do as an adult? Leave them in the comments so we can all give them a go.