It takes a lot of courage to swim against the tide and create a life that is more than the average existence. Let’s be honest with each other; we are encouraged to be consumers. We are more than encouraged, our whole system is designed to turn us into mindless buying machines. But I want to talk to you about how to have courage to live a life you love.

How to have courage

Most of us are living half-lives.

We go to work at jobs we don’t enjoy so we can earn money to buy things that don’t bring us any kind of lasting satisfaction. Our homes are cluttered with “things” that eventually end up in landfill. Our wardrobes are full of fast fashion that last a hot minute before being tossed out and replaced by the next seasons “must-have.” As a result, our minds are cluttered, and our hearts lay empty.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can choose to live your life in a way that is less about consuming and more about creating memories and moments of real value. It is possible to live a life that you are totally in love with.

I know it’s possible because I have turned my life from one of quiet despair to a life that is engaging, creative and that I love.

How to have courage to live a life you love


The first step in having the courage to change your life is to acknowledge that things need to change. It’s not always easy to admit that things aren’t going so well, so the fact that you’re here means you’re already showing courage. Stop for a moment, and give yourself a bit of encouragement. – you got this!

Name your biggest fear.


Once you’ve acknowledged that things need to change, you need to name your biggest fear. What is it that is keeping you stuck in this life you no longer enjoy? Is it the fear of leaving your friends behind and being alone? Is it the fear of losing the security that your job brings?

Grab a piece of paper or your journal and at the top write:

What am I afraid of?


Now give yourself a few days to think about the answer. Write down whatever comes to mind without any judgement. Fear is not a bad thing – far from it. Fear keeps us safe, it’s a sense that when used correctly will keep us alive. The unfortunate thing is that fear can also keep us trapped if we don’t use it properly and give it too much power in our lives.

Once you’ve identified your biggest fear(s), you can begin to think rationally about them. Naming your fears allows you to face them. Sometimes when we do this, we realise that our fears are groundless and not worth our energy. Sometimes they are legitimate – like not wanting to lose the security your job brings. Those legitimate fears shouldn’t be reasons to keep us from moving forward into the life we want to live, but they should be addressed calmly. It’s important to remember that change doesn’t have to be sudden. You can gradually work with your biggest fear, chipping away at it slowly, until one day it is no longer an issue.

Stretch Yourself


There’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone. Could you imagine how horrible life would be if you were continually facing uncomfortable situations? Hello chronic stress and burn out!

To build courage, you need to stretch yourself by making your comfort zone a little bigger. If one of your fears is losing friends because you’re changing your life, start with trying a new hobby and meeting new people. At first, you will feel a little uncomfortable, but if you stick with it, within a few weeks your new hobby will be a part of your comfort zone, and you will have new acquaintances. This would take the sting out of any friends who may fall by the side as you begin to change your life.

Take Action


The only way to have courage is to take action. The more you wallow in your unhappiness, the bigger it gets. The more you sit in fear of change, the bigger the fear gets.

Take small actions first, change a few little things and watch your courage grow. You know the saying “slowly, slowly catchy monkey.”

Monkeys are elusive little things – so is a satisfying and happy life. It takes slow and sustained action to create one. So start slowly with small steps. Take little actions and as you begin to feel your life become more enjoyable, start taking bigger ones.

Start small – but start.

How To Have Courage Without Freaking Yourself Out


Here’s a red hot tip as you go about creating a life you love – stay in the moment.

Change is freaky, it’s not easy, and it can be stressful. The way to build courage and stick with it is to live in the moment. To approach each moment as it comes and to not think too far ahead. You know how you want to live, and you’ve made the decision to pursue a life you love. Take small steps towards it and live mindfully.

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Go For It

Don’t let your fears stop you from living a life you love. Know you know how to have courage to live the life you want, go out and do it. Have the courage to be your own self and live a life that suits you.

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