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From Good To Great

You know those pivotal moments in life that change your whole way of being, moments that can take your life from good to great? I’ve had a few of those pivotal moments in my life. Sometimes they come from experiences, sometimes it’s people who elevate you, and sometimes it’s books read or documentaries watched.

The thing about these pivotal moments is that they require action on your part if you want to manifest the change. If you desire something better in your life, it’s not enough to just have a pivotal moment, you need to act on what that moment shows you.

The Universe Abhors A Vacuum

One of the best books I have ever read was The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. It’s an old book, initially published in 1962, but the truths in this book are still valid today. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about taking their life from good to great.

One of my favourite lessons from this book is that the universe abhors a vacuum. Simply put it, it is unnatural to have voids. As a result, the universe seeks to fill the unfilled. But what happens if there’s no vacuum or void to fill? Sometimes we’re holding on to what we have so hard, we don’t allow anything new to flow into our lives. And sometimes what we’re holding on to is “good.” There’s nothing wrong with what we have, but deep in our hearts, we know we could do better.

There’s a certain kind of misery that comes from holding on to things that we know we’ve outgrown. It deadens our senses, muffles our feelings and does damage to our souls. It causes bitterness, and eventually, we lose our zest for living.

How I Took My Life From Good To Great

I know that’s not the way you want to live. That’s why you’re here, reading this post. If you want a life that’s full of adventure and exploration, and topped up with all the great things you deserve, watch the video I made for you. In it, I’m sharing how I let the universe fill my vacuum and went from good to great in my life.