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How To Express Yourself With Authenticity.


Episode 3, 2020.

This is a transcript of episode 3 of The Simple Life Podcast. I’m talking about how to express yourself with authenticity, taking inspiration from the Australian Aborigines ancient wisdom.
If you’de prefer to listen to the episode, you can find the audio file below.


Welcome to the simple life podcast.

I’m your host Cindy John’s and I am all about keeping things simple in life and in business.

In today’s episode I would like to talk to you about how to express yourself with authenticity.
Let me ask you something, have you ever seen a didgeridoo up close?
They are astonishingly beautiful things and I’m pretty sure you would have heard one being played. When you hear it, it’s honestly like listening to Australia, you can hear the country in the instrument. And when you see the carvings and paintings and the colors that the Aborigines use to decorate a didgeridoo you are 100% absolutely looking at Australia.

No Garden Of Eden

So the Australian Aborigines were a semi-nomadic people who lived in tribes. Their existence here on this incredible Island would not have been an easy one.
Here in Australia, we have scorpions. We have deadly snakes and Killer Spiders. We have crocodiles, we have birds that attack you simply for going near their nests. We have Cyclones. We have droughts. We have snow capped mountains. We have desert terrain. You name the dangerous thing. We have got it. And on top of that the Australian Aborigines walked amongst and out lived the dinosaurs. Imagine that! No easy Garden of Eden life for the Australian aboriginals. They lived a semi-nomadic life carrying everything they needed with them, which meant a really frugal existence. But they still had time to create exquisite art. They expressed themselves on their didgeridoos, their boomerangs and on the caves they visited.

They expressed who they were on their environment and the things that they needed to survive.

A More Authentic Type Of Self-Expression

So you could look at their didgeridoos and boomerangs as their possessions, our equivalent of the stuff that we own.
But they weren’t  defined by their didgeridoo or how beautifully decorated it was or how well they could play it. They were defined by their environment and by how well they cared for it and each other. The things they created were an expression of their environment.
I think that a lot of the problems that we see in our Aboriginal Society is because they placed their importance and their self-worth on how well they took care of the environment. And of course, we’ve come along and taken their environment from them. So after more than 40,000 years of being the caretakers of the land it’s going to take longer than 200 years to let go of that deep attachment.
Everything that they created came from necessity and then they embellished it with what was in their heart and what they saw around them. They embellished their necessary possessions  with the beauty of their environment. Just for a moment, imagine creating a modern day life just like that; having only the things that are absolutely necessary to your life and expressing yourself with those necessary things.

How To Express Yourself At Home

Let me illustrate my point by taking our homes as an example. Our homes are a necessary part of our existence.
Imagine creating the most beautiful home and expressing who you were in that home instead of filling it with stuff that’s trendy and that someone else told you you should have. Imagine being defined by the environment you created around you. The better you cared for that environment and the people in your environment the better and more harmonious and beautiful your environment becomes. And the easier it becomes to live in that environment.
The Aborigines did not have a lot of possessions but they were compelled to create beautiful things. So they started with what they needed and then they embellished it. I think that’s really pertinent to us trying to create our own simple lives. We are all creative beings and we crave beauty. We also express what’s in our environment.

How Do You Want To Express Yourself?

So if we are  filling our environment -in this case our home- with useless stuff that sits around doing not much, how will we express that? How do you express an environment full of useless stuff? Possibly as anxiety or a feeling of uselessness or perhaps a sense of being trapped?
Think about that, how do you want to express yourself? And does your home – your immediate environment allow you to do that? And if it doesn’t what can you begin to change so that you can express yourself authentically?
I’ll leave you with that today. Thanks for listening and I’ll talk with you again really soon.
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