How To Create Authentic Connection in Your Introvert Business

How To Create Authentic Connection in Your Introvert Business

How To Create Authentic Connection in Your Introvert Business

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Written by Gina Lucia

February 7, 2020

I know as well as most that creating an online business that works, is not as easy as they make it out to be. It’s hard enough getting the basics right, but when it comes to creating a business that aligns with your values, creates an authentic connection with people and is sustainable, that’s when it gets really difficult.

Now let’s add our introversion into the mix. Being an introvert means a variety of things, but something many of us have in common is our empathy for others. So when it comes to sales, promotion and general ‘icky feeling’ business stuff, the struggle is real.

However, we have one major thing on our side, an introvert superpower if you will. It’s our wonderful ability as introverts to create an authentic connection with others. This natural skill, to delve beyond small talk and go deep, serves introverted business owners well.

How To Create Authentic Connection in Your Introvert Business

What do I mean by ‘authentic connection’?

An authentic connection is simply connecting with your audience, customers, clients or peers in a deep and meaningful way. It goes beyond a simple transaction or conversation. You go out of your way to truly get to know the person, or group of people you’re ‘talking’ to.

This can apply to:

  • The copy on your website

  • Video or audio you produce

  • Blog posts you write

  • Emails you send

  • Social media posts and more

Why it works

Creating an authentic connection with your audience, clients or customers works because you’re showing them that you care. It’s at this point that remembering the ‘why’ behind your business is important.

For me, giving introverts a voice in the crowded online world is my ‘why’. Every choice I make to do with Limit Breaker revolves around that. I aim to provide as much value as possible to my audience because it fuels the reason why I started my business in the first place.

You see, as introverts, we’re great at seeing beyond the surface and truly understanding what it is that people actually want. But, that skill we possess, it only really shows itself when we’ve had conversations with the people we’re trying to help.

Create your authentic connection

Us introverts are seen as people avoiders and sometimes, we can isolate ourselves from potential connections. But when we allow ourselves to connect with people, this is when the magic really happens.

I’m not talking networking here so don’t panic! As an online business owner, there are plenty of ways to create authentic connection from the comfort of your sofa:

  • Send personal emails to your subscriber list or customers

  • Go beyond the comment section and start DMing your peers

  • Send a personal email to the writer of an article you loved

  • Ask your readers or audience questions

  • Include them in your next project

There are many ways to create this connection and develop meaningful relationships that not only give your business a boost, but your working life one as well.

Don’t forget about value

But let’s not just stick to one-on-one connection here. I mentioned value earlier and that’s a great way to create a connection without giving all of your time.

You’ve listened to your audience and truly understand them. Now there may be a great opportunity to create something that truly helps them. It’s up to you what it is and if you charge for it, but here are a few ideas:

  • An article which tells your story and talks to your audience on a deeper level

  • A tool or resource which solves a specific problem

  • A supportive network or group which you host

  • A video or audio file which talks directly to them

  • A social media post which gives them some tips to solve a specific problem

Whatever value you provide doesn’t need to be complicated or over the top. The gesture in itself is enough to show your audience that you genuinely want to connect with them.

By using both of these techniques together, you’re on your way to not only serving your people better, but fueling the reason why you started your business in the first place.

We may be comfortable on our own, but an online business without any connection with others, is slower to progress and definitely not as fun to run.

Considering adding some of these strategies into your business but want to delve deeper? Get some resources to help you out here:

Have you created any authentic connections in your business journey?

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