How To Be Brave

Feb 10, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

How To Be Brave

Podcast | 0 comments

How to be brave, no matter what you’re trying to do. 


Episode 2, 2020. 

I’m sharing how I push past my negative thoughts and doubts so I can be brave and build a business and a life that I love. 


Welcome to the introverted entrepreneur’s podcast, a podcast for introverts who want to create an authentic online business. In this podcast we share strategies to create impact and income while using our own introverts strengths. I’m your host Cindy John’s, introvert entrepreneur and champion of quiet people everywhere. 
So today’s episode is kind of a follow on from our last one when we talked about inspiring ourselves and creating a life and business that we found inspiration in and not doing things cookie cutter the same as everyone else. Today I want to talk to you about being brave. 
So on the 13th of January, I published my first business book.

It’s called “How to create an authentic business. Sustainable business advice for quiet people and introverts” So this book is the culmination of over 10 years of my own real life experience in building authentic businesses as an introvert. I have poured everything I’ve learnt into that book and I feel it’s a great resource for not only introverts and quiet people, but for anyone who wants to build an authentic business that expresses who they are and allows them to make an impact in people’s lives while still building a great income and not burning themselves out in the process.

This is what I’ve learned:
success begets success and bravery builds more bravery just like failure breeds failure and fear builds more fear.
So I pressed the little publish button on the 13th of January and I was so pleased with myself, but about an hour later all of these negative thoughts came rushing into my mind thoughts like:
“no one wants to buy your book. No one is interested in what you’ve learned or what you have to say.” 
“People will think you’re an idiot”
“Your book is good enough to publish.”
So I’m pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about. But here’s the thing. I’ve come to expect those thoughts every time I step out and make myself vulnerable, every time I do something new or challenge myself in some way those negative thoughts come rushing in and I’ve come to see them as a part of the process. It’s a part of my creation process.
And nowadays I celebrate them.
Because if I’m having those thoughts that means I am growing in some way and this time I had extra reason to celebrate their arrival.
It dawned on me that those thoughts now come after I’ve done something when they used to come as soon as I had an idea any kind of idea and they would shut me down completely.
So when I was really young like in my early 20s and just starting out on my entrepreneurial journey, I would have an idea or an idea for a book and then I would just write it down and almost immediately those negative thoughts would come rushing in and they would crush my ambitions. I’d be so fearful that I wouldn’t act on my ideas.
But after the first time I acted, after the first time I was brave enough to act on I on an idea. I had a rebuttal for the next time those negative thoughts came in the next time those negative thoughts came rushing in I told them no, hang on a second. I have already started a business and it worked so why can’t I do another or why can’t I write a book if I’ve already had success.
The first time I published a recipe book on Amazon it took me way too long to press publish because I was so freaking scared but I pushed through with a lot of coaxing from my husband. I pressed publish and you know, this book landed in the top five of downloadable e-books in that cookbook genre within the 24 hours of release. 
My book was a success. So the next time I felt fear about publishing a book, I shut those negative thoughts down by reminding myself that I had already done this before and been successful.
This is what I’ve learned:
success begets success and bravery builds more bravery just like failure breeds failure and fear builds more fear.
Those negative thoughts will always come, guaranteed. But every time you act anyway your bravery grows and soon those negative thoughts won’t pop up until you’ve acted and even when they do come at you you can tell them to shut up by recounting all the other times that you’ve pushed yourself out there. All the other times that you’ve created something and made yourself vulnerable put your work out there and not died of shame.
Success isn’t going to follow after every action you take but failure is guaranteed to follow after every action you don’t take. So don’t let fear stop you from being vulnerable, from putting yourself out there and achieving what it is that you want to achieve in business and in your life. 
Feel the fear acknowledge those thoughts and then act anyway. Each time you act those thoughts get a little quieter and a little easier to shut up.
So what are you ready to be brave about? What are you ready to do this year that is going to make you vulnerable but that will in the long term inspire you and Inspire the people that you are trying to inspire and motivate. The people that you are trying to attract into your business. They need you to be brave. You need to be brave. So stop being fearful.
Ignore those negative thoughts ignore those imposter syndrome thoughts that are telling you that you are not enough . Decide now what brave action you are going to take to build your business and go ahead and do it. 
That’s all for today, but I look forward to speaking to you next time. Bye.

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