The Perks Of Writing For Simple Life:

Writing Guidelines:

  • I publish articles on personal development, easy ways to simplify your life or business, minimalism, intentional living & authenticity.
  • Each blog post should give the reader something to take away, whether that be a series of steps towards a desired outcome, a life lesson or a feeling of positivity
  • Ideally, your blog post will be between 800 to 1500 words long.
  • Your post should contain relevant keywords. Writing online is all about SEO, so make sure you’ve done your research before submitting.
  • Finally, I only publish posts that haven’t been published elsewhere.

How to submit

  • Send me a message via the contact box below, with your blog post idea, the keywords you’d like to target and any links to your website and social media.
  • Once I receive your message, give me 3 business days to get back to you.
  • I’m looking forward to sharing your work here on Simple Life.

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