business inspiration for 2020

Feb 10, 2020

business inspiration for 2020

How will you keep yourself inspired as you build your authentic business?


Episode 1, 2020.

In this episode I’m sharing the questions I asked myself at the end of 2019. I want to create an authentic business and an inspired life, how about you? Grab your journal and let’s go….


Welcome to the introverted entrepreneur’s podcast, a podcast for introverts who want to create an authentic online business. In this podcast we share strategies to create impact and income while using our own introverts strengths. I’m your host Cindy John’s, introvert entrepreneur and champion of quiet people everywhere.
Hey everyone, welcome back brand new year and a brand new decade. So I took off all of December and all of January. Actually. I took it off from my business because I wanted to reset and to recharge and to take a really good look at what I wanted to achieve in 2020 and beyond. At the beginning of 2019 my business coach told me that the secret to online business is to inspire people. What’s the easiest way to inspire people?

Well in my opinion it is to inspire yourself. People will pick up on your vibe pretty quickly. Whether it’s through your social media, through your blog posts or your face to face meetings. If you’re bored with your business that will come across likewise if you’re bored with your life and with yourself people are going to pick up on that a mile away.

So with that thought in mind, let me ask you the same question that I asked myself in December of last year.

How will you inspire yourself in 2020?

I decided that this year I wasn’t going to build a business that conformed to what other people think a coaching business should look like I decided that I was going to show up in my business in a way that kept me inspired. 


So just for a moment take a moment and think of the people that we look to for inspiration.

None of them have cookie cutter business as usual lives or businesses or Enterprises. Think of Steve Jobs. He did things his way and look at how he changed the world. So sure, not all of it was really positive and there are some pretty wicked things that have come about from overusing smartphones, but he was inspiring, he inspired other people to be creative. He inspired other people to start Tech businesses. He inspires or his products Inspire creative people to this day and he did things his way. 

Look at Oprah. Now, she started doing things the way she was told it should be done and she was really cookie-cutter when she first started. She was just another daytime TV talk show host feeding on the underbelly of life, just like Jerry Springer and Phil Donahue. But when she finally drew her line in the sand and said enough, I am doing this my way, look at what transpired, look at the worldwide inspiration that she has become because she chose to not do what everybody else was doing.

Now you and I have the exact same power to create lives and businesses that Inspire us just like Oprah, just like Steve Jobs, just like anyone else who you find inspiring. We have that same power to create our own inspiration for ourselves and to inspire others.

When we are inspired others will be inspired by us. They we want to engage with us. They will want to work with us and they will want to buy from us. So being inspired in your business is going to create more success for you and ensure the longevity of your business.

Not only that but you will get to the end of 2020 feeling energized, feeling satisfied and feeling happy with what you achieved in the past year. Your relationships will be better because you are happier and more inspired with your life. Your life will be better and you will be motivated to continue to build your business.

 So, answer this question, how will you inspire yourself in 2020? 

If you got to the end of 2019 and you were burnt out, flustered thinking that there had to be a better way then let’s make that better way for 2020.

Ask yourself: How will you inspire yourself? 

Ask yourself: How do I want to feel at the end of 2020? Then work back from there.

What changes do you have to make to your business structure so that it inspires you so that you can be happy and satisfied and still inspired at the end of 2020?

What parts of your business do you need to let go of what is dragging you down and making you feel stuck?

What is no longer working for you? 


What sort of self-care are you going to invest in to keep yourself feeling good and functioning to the best of your ability? 

So as introverts, we need to take care of our energy. So what sort of self-care practices are you going to put into your everyday life, so you can stay inspired stay high vibe, stay on top of your game and create the year and the business that is in your heart. The authentic business and the authentic life that you are longing to live.

Ask yourself what new skill do you need to learn to make your business better, to make your life better? 

Before you spend another year and possibly even another decade doing the same old thing. Take some time to work out how you will inspire yourself in 2020. Don’t give any more energy to other people and how they’re telling you you should live and how you should do things. 

Think about how you want to inspire yourself and through your self-inspiration you will attract new customers and you will continue to inspire those that you already have. 

Alright, that is all for this episode, and I look forward to speaking with you next time. Bye.

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