You’re here because you realise it’s time to find your joy. Life can hand us many different challenges, but when you’re full of joy, it’s easier to meet them. A joyful heart allows us to enjoy the good times, and stand firm during the bad. Joy fuels our resilience, giving us strength and the courage to rise above anything.

The good news is, even amidst the hardest of times, it’s possible to find your joy. In this blog post, I’m sharing 4 journal prompts to help you find your joy. 

How to find your joy

4 Journal Prompts To Help You Find Your Joy




It is my belief that your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. Take a moment to think about the beginning of every friendship. There’s a rhythm that happens when you’re trying to get to know someone:

  • You spend time together.
  • You ask questions about them to find out what they like
  • Once you know what they like you start to share experiences with them that will make them happy
  • The more you know them, the deeper you enquire and the more you learn.
  • Trust begins to develop between you, and you start to build a strong connection.

This rhythm is mirrored when you spend time getting to know yourself. You begin by spending time alone, asking questions of yourself to discover what’s in your heart. Once you know what you like and want, you can give it to yourself, thereby developing love and trust for yourself.

Journaling to find your joy


Journaling was where I started when I decided to work on my relationship with myself. It’s now a daily practise that helps me to stay connected with my joy.

My journaling practice is a simple one,

  • Wake up, pour a cup of hot black coffee
  • Get back into bed with my journal.
  • Pour my heart out on to the page.

It really is that simple. But when I’m struggling with more profound challenges, I seek out journal prompts to help me reconnect with my truth. Journal prompts are the equivalent of asking yourself questions to discover what you like. Think of them in the same light as going to coffee with your new friend and asking them more in-depth questions to learn more about how they are. Using journal prompts will help you develop a better relationship with yourself.

Grab your Journal


So go ahead and grab your journal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a notepad, a school exercise book, or a piece of printer paper will work just as well.

Now find a quiet place to sit and be alone. Try not to censor yourself, allow your real thoughts and feelings to flow onto the page. Your journal writing is for your eyes only, so you needn’t worry about other people’s judgement. On that note – don’t judge yourself either, be kind and show yourself compassion as you work through the prompts.

find your joy

Here Are Your Prompts To Help You Find Your Joy

When was the last time you felt joy?

Dig deep into that moment. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What was I doing?
  • Who was I with?
  • What was it about that moment that made me feel joy? Was it the people, the place or something that I did

The last time you felt joy, how did it feel in a physical sense?

Did it start as a warm glow in your chest, or did your whole body feel good? Try to recall as many of the physical sensations as possible so you can recognise it when it returns.

For me, joy turns up as a feeling of satisfaction deep in my stomach, and my heart feels full. I also find my face is much softer when I’m feeling joyful, and I smile easily.

What animates your inner child and reminds you of your playful nature?

Children are naturally joyful, they are curious, playful and always open to new experiences. Each of us has an inner child, but often we squash our playful nature in an effort to be a responsible adult. Rediscovering your inner child and playful nature will help you to reconnect with your joy.

How can you create more opportunities in your daily life to allow your inner child to be free?

Cultivating a life that gives you time to be playful will enable your joy to slowly build. Every time you reconnect with your inner child and give yourself permission to be happy, you will find you take a step closer to finding your joy.


Begin The Journey To Find Your Joy


These journal prompts are the beginning of your journey to find your joy. In fact, they’re the beginning of a journey to reconnect with yourself. I’m so happy that you’re here, the decision to start living a joyful, intentional life is a brave one. But it’s a decision that will reward you every single day. You will feel daily joy and your life will bring you the satisfaction and fulfilment that you want, and you deserve.

I’m sending a weekly journal prompt to my community of people who just like you, are seeking a more joyful life. If you’d like to receive it, please pop in your name and email below, and at the start of every week I will send you:

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  • 1 affirmation or mantra to keep you focused on your joy

I look forward to connecting with you again.