How To Do What You Love

Thanks to the chaos of 2020, the good news is it’s easier than ever before to make a living while loving what you do. Gone are the days of slaving at a job you detest, chained to the wheel and dying a slow death. 2020 has ushered in a new day, and if you’re open to it and ready to do the work, you can change your life and make a living doing something that sets your heart on fire. This is how to love what you do and make a living from it.

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Last year I began reading “Making a Living, Living”. by Nina Karnikowski. This tome is one of a kind. It’s an inspiring read about people choosing to do what they love and live lives that have meaning.

Do you believe you could build an international business with hand-knitted jumpers? That you could start with one person at home in New Zealand, become a best seller on Net-a-Porter. Then move to Peru, employ indigenous women to sustainably and ethically weave and hand-knit your designs? In this book, you will meet a woman who has done precisely that.

Or do you think it’s possible to turn a love of ancient tea ceremonies into a career that enables you to travel the world? Turns out you can.

Watch the video for more stories of people making a living doing what they love and living life on their terms. I also share advice on how you can do it too. cool

How to love what you do in 3 simple steps.


What Are You Good At?

First of all, think about, what are you good at doing? And what do you love to do? Do you have a passion for something that will sustain you as you build a business (and life) that you love?

Could make a living out of it? Do you think that you could do it potentially full time? Is it a scalable idea? Now don’t think that the thing that you love doing is maybe too trivial or too niche. Don’t limit yourself. Sometimes even the more niche-like your thing is, the more success you can have.

How Can You Reach People?

In the online space, you can access the whole world. If there’s something that you love, chances are there are other people in the world who love it too. So how can you reach those people?

Think out of the box here. Don’t rush straight to Instagram or YouTube or launching a website. I teach meditation through an app. It’s an already existing portal which I can access to speak to people who want what I am offering. There are many ways to reach people online.


How to love what you do step 3:

Take action!

Don’t waste any more of your precious time sitting around wishing life was better. The time is right – right now! We’re in a unique situation, never has been it easier to find new markets online.

Take action.

To sum it all up

  1. Choose something that you love to do.
  2. Find a market and discover how you can bring your thing to people.
  3. And then take action.

It can be a tiny step today and a bigger step tomorrow until you do what you love.