3 Powerful tips for a happy life

Know what a happy life means to you.

The first step in any journey is to know your destination. You’ve identified that you want more happiness in your life, but what exactly does happiness look like to you? Do you crave more meaningful work? Or do you feel that the place you live in is stopping you from feeling good about your life? What do you need to change to start living a happier life?

Once you know what a happy life would look and feel like, then you can begin to create it.

Check out this post I wrote about how to define what happiness means to you.

Look for the beauty

It’s hard to be a miserable sod when you’re focused on the good things. Check out this short video I made on this subject:

Elevate Your Consciousness

There are so many ways our consciousness can help us live a happy life; unfortunately, our consciousness can also keep us in a negative space. The rub here is that it’s a whole lot easier to remain in a negative space than it is to elevate our consciousness because our world conspires to keep us in a loop of negativity.

But you can rise above it!

Here are a few techniques that I’ve used to elevate my consciousness and begin to live a happier life


I swear by this practice to let go of old ways of thinking and to dig deeper into what is holding you back. Discover more here


Meditation is like the proverbial magic pill. The more I do it, the better (and happier) I feel. I know it can work for you too. Find free meditations to try here.


Affirmations are a powerful tool to elevate your consciousness because the words you speak have the power to change your life. Louise L Hay was the queen of affirmations, and her work is worth checking out.

Use these three powerful tips to make your life a happy one.

I know they work because I’ve used them myself and took my existence from one of constant complaining to a joyful, simple life.