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My name is Cindy and I teach people like you how to simplify everything, so you can have more freedom, more adventure and more life.

I used to feel confined by all the trappings of my modern life. There was always so much to do, so many places to be and so many hats & masks to wear.


I felt trapped…


My life was full of tension and stress. It didn’t feel like it was my own anymore and my mental and physical health was suffering.  I was almost at breaking point, desperate for change and a life that felt happier, more free, and satisfying. I wanted my joy back.

That was when I made the decision to simplify everything, and from that moment on I began to enjoy my life so much more!

Cindy Johns

The more I simplified, the more freedom I had to seek exciting new adventures.


I took off all of those hats and masks and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I’m so glad I took that journey because it resulted in me embracing my true self and showing up authentically to create a life that I love.

I discovered that simplifying your life doesn’t mean you have to go without the things you love. I’ve found the opposite is true! I’ve found liberation from unneccessary clutter. Both in my home and my mind.


I now have the freedom to live a life full of the things and the experiences that I truly love.


You can have your own life of freedom. There’s no need to be trapped in a life that bores you to tears.

Simplify with me and let’s take a journey of self discovery that leads to your liberation.

Here’s How You Can Learn To Simplify Everything With Me:

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